My Trip To California

I’m going to try not to be long-winded but it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited.  It’s not my first time traveling to California , but I must admit it’s the first time I enjoyed myself. The weather had a lot to do with this being a much better experience. The first time it rained the entire time. It’s so funny but until I actually visited I thought It Never Rained In  Southern California. Yeah I know it’s the title of the song by: Tony, Tone , Toni

California is one of those places I don’t think I’d ever want to live in, but I always look forward to visiting. Sometimes I find myself thinking about how blessed I am to simply travel. It’s one of those things that I could take for granted until I remember they’re will always be someone who will never get the chance to travel. I’m truly grateful to God.

The first thing I noticed whenever I’m in California is the palm trees. They are so beautiful . Especially when they are lined along a street. They don’t grow in Atlanta. Therefore I have a real appreciation for their beauty. In fact I was siting next to one on a patio of a restaurant .  IMG_9102.jpgI knew I wouldn’t get the chance to see everything I wanted to see in a week, because the traffic is horrendous.  By law motor cycles are allowed to dodge in and out of cars. That frighten  me to death. I feared I would hit someone  on a bike. The cars were always bumper to bumper. With this in mind I decided to pick a place where I would hang out the most.

There is so much happening on Hollywood Blvd. I decided to stay there for several hours. With this in mind I didn’t have to worry about moving my car and finding  some place to park constantly. Nearly every place I parked I had to pay. Which brought me to another thought . While paying for parking wasn’t an issue for me, but I instantly thought about people that live in California who are struggling . I can’t imagine. Yet there are so many people that move to California with big dreams an no money.

I’ve always wanted to see the Walk of Fame.  It’s the worlds most famous sidewalk; where celebrities are honored for their achievements. I’d always see this famous spot on Youtube or  ( I don’t have cable by choice) movies . It’s one of the main places on my must see list when I arrived in California.I felt like a big kid when I saw the side walks. There were stars everywhere! I wanted to see Mary J. Blige , Usher and Michael Jackson’s stars above all. I wish I had left my purse at home and carried a small cross body bag. There were people walking in very direction. I didn’t have anyplace to sit my bag down for a photo without either getting it stepped on or grabbed . I awkwardly held it. IMG_9120.JPG


I fell in love with Thai food. This was my absolute favorite. I ate here two days in a row. Also this was a mix drink that my hubby had. I loved the way it looked. It was from a different restaurant .

Michael Jackson look a like on Hollywood Blvd. I hung out there until dark. IMG_9141.JPG

Fish Dish: A good spot to eat . The brown rice was so yummy. fishdish.jpg

I went for a walk exploring some back streets  on Winona Ave. in Burbank. Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the car and see things in slow motion.  I  discovered a place that rented props for movies and videos.  Prop Heaven houses over 90,000 sq. ft. of props and there were additional props outdoors around the sides and rear of the building. There were stop signs, bus stops, park benches, trash can and traffic lights to name a few things.  It’s  mind-boggling on what it takes to make movies. There are so many moving parts that has to take place to create a good movie.trafficlight.JPGpropheaven.JPG


I had a lot of fun in California. I shot tons of videos and photos . There were so many places I enjoyed seeing and some places I never knew existed, but not very popular. I wanted to go to Beverly Hills, but the traffic was terrible. Also I wanted to see the Hollywood landmark sign, but I didn’t because of the discrepancy about how to get there.  I heard it was at Lake Hollywood Park, but was told to park on Canyon Lake Drive. I don’t know. Next visit will be the Hollywood sign and Beverly Hills. I just want to see it! I don’t care if it’s not a big deal. The experiences of traveling is priceless . Life happens we get older and things happen. I want to see it!!

Places I went:






What bothered me the most was the homelessness.




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