The Pros & Cons of SNS Nails

You may be here because you’ve never heard of SNS nails. Most recognize this type of manicure as nail dipping. This means when you get a manicure there is no ” nail polish” smell. What won me over  is the fact I didn’t have to wait for them to dry.

I have naturally beautiful nails. I don’t know why they grow so long because I don’t do anything special to them. I belived because I didn’t have them manipulated by nails techs for many years helped them to grow.  Somethings are better left alone. My nails are my pride and glory. I’ve always  personally kept my natural nails well groomed. During the coming of the computer age, I started looking up tips on how to make them look like I went to a nail salon. I learned to polish like a pro.  Whenever I’d go to Ulta I’d always  rummage through the nail polish isle before I leave.  I use to like all the odd shades: yellow , green, blue and so forth. Now I like neutrals and pink shades. It is one of the fun things about being girl. I get to enjoy all of the wonderful shades and I can change as much as I like. untitled-0065-1.jpgI’ve thrown many bottles away because they don’t go over the nail as well once it gets down to the last bit  of the lacquer . Although I know the little trick ( pour remover in it) to stretch it and get the remaining polish from the bottom . I opt to throw it away.

At some point I grew tired of manicuring my own nails. Therefore, I chose to visit a nail salon as a treat to relax and let someone else do the work. I didn’t know that this would come with a price more than the cost of the service.

One thing that stood out in my head the most is no one washed their hands in between clients. I usually wash my hands upon arrival, but it doesn’t help much if the tech hasn’t washed his / her hands. Then I opt for my hand sanitizer to add as a barrier to the nail tech dirty hands. I’m not sure if this works, but I didn’t want to seem rude by asking if they’d wash their hands as well.


Polish will last 5 – 7 days


A safer polish without formaldehyde 

After all of the things I’ve tried at home I decided to try SNS nail manicure. This is somewhat of an expensive nail service. I’ve received this type of service  for 4 months to date. The price for the service averages about $40.00. I usually pay around $46.00 that would include the tip.

Pros of SNS Nail Manicure:

1. No smells from nail polish

2. Last longer than a gel manicure

3. SNS will last 4 weeks

4. It will not chip or fade

5. You do not have to use a UV light

6. They are dry as soon as the service is complete ( No wait to dry)

7. There are many dip powders  ( colors) to choose from 

8. You don’t have to use a drill to get it done

9. Claim to be less toxic 

10. They are soaked off with acetone 

Cons of SNS Nail Manicure:

  1. SNS thins the nail bed
  2. Nails become sensitive to slightest touch
  3. Nails split and crack
  4. Your nails are dipped in a powder behind other people
  5. Some nail techs remove SNS with a drill  ( Not necessary)
  6. It’s a pricey nail service
  7. It grows out quickly 
  8. The SNS lifts at the cuticle of the nail and snags on things  ( clothes)
  9. Cracks and splits the nail base
  10. The lifting can hurt
  11. Can get an infection from dipping
  12. Can cause cancer 
  13. Makes natural nails look hideous and unhealthy.

I removed the SNS with acetone. It took about 20 minutes and it easily came off without any drills.  Before SNS my nails were hard, long , healthy and beautiful. I had to cut them down because they were severely damaged. My cuticles look horrible and my nails are split in a place were I can’t trim them. This is my nail bed. I stopped using SNS, because I noticed how sensitive my nail beds have gotten. They hurt to the slightest touch. This probably came from the drilling. It was minimal but it still caused an issue. I was told a drill isn’t needed at all. It depends on the nail techs patience. The nails techs  always  seem to be in a hurry to get as many clients as possible. Perhaps they work on commission.


The deep lines are actually split and will lift

I will have to nurse them back to health. My nails are an extension of my skin. Since I use nail polish so much I am seriously thinking about throwing out my old and starting over with polishes that are free from formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl. These are three of the main toxins used to make nail polish.


The tools I used to try to make them look better, while they grow back to health:

  1. Crystal nail file
  2. Nail clipper
  3. Buffer
  4. Base coat
  5. 5. Top coat
  6. Clear glitter nail polish

The clear glitter polish helped camouflage the imperfections.

  1. untitled-0055-1.jpg

This will have to do for now

I can’t do too much manipulating. They are sensitive. My nails are so soft and they bend up against anything.  I regret doing  this to my nails.  When I see the results of getting my nails done at the salon it is enticing and addictive.


Take precautions if you insist on going to a nail salon. Perhaps buy your own SNS to use  exclusively.  Insist on bringing your own tools. This will curtail the germs, and bacteria that could make you sick for the rest of your life.

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