Acure Skincare: Awesome For Removing Makeup.

If your’e an oldie but goodie, hey girl! If this is the first blog you’ve ever read by me welcome. I hope you come back for more.

I guess you’re saying another Acure blog post. Well, yes because it’s fall and your skin will be enduring all the elements in the dry air and all. I informed you about only one of Acure’s line because I have rosacea type skin, but there are others from the line worth mentioning as well.

Let’s start with The Essentials Line, its the basics that can be integrated with any of the systems in the Acure line.  The moroccan argan oil, “Liquid Gold”  It’s rich in vitamin E, and other essentials , it helps restore the appearance of texture and tone. You can use it in your  hair and  on your face. This is 1 out of 4 of the great products from The Essentials line.  I won’t give away too many details, I’ll allow you to look at their informative website.

Here is a list of the line up: 

*Seriously Soothing

  • Incredibly Clear
  • Radically Rejuvenating
  • Brightening
  • The Essentials
  • Mask

Acure has enough in their line for everyone!  Girl, did I mention Acure’s skincare line is awesome for removing makeup? Yes, after wearing your face, get a wipe and clean off the access first. Be proactive and get three wipes if you have on a full face of makeup. This eliminates all the buildup on your clean white wash cloths.

IMG_1751Please tell me you clean your face with a white cloth. Right?  Before I move on, may I suggest using Huggies natural care wipes? I know, I know all the rave about makeup wipes. They aren’t as safe as baby wipes. I have a blog about makeup wipes.

IMG_1752.jpg Ok, I went on a rabbit trail about wipes. Back to the subject at hand. Summer Lookbook YouTube Thumbnail.png  Acure, is the best when cleaning off makeup. You’ll be treating your skin gently and clearing off your makeup all in one swipe. Be very gentle with your skin while clearing away the makeup. Especially with dry skin and rosacea chicks…you too.


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