Wet N Wild: Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Beautiful! It’s so awesome you decided to read my post today. My last post was about Acure Skincare and how great it is as a makeup remover. You’ll find many post on my blog about Acure. It’s my holy grail when it comes to skincare.

Here I want to share my thoughts about the Wet N Wild’s  newly released Rose’ in The Air  palette.  When beauty Influencer  Laura Lee, created a  look using this palette I was sold. The warm tones in this palette looked so beautiful and I thought it would be great for fall. untitled-1795-1.jpg

I don’t like the fact the colors aren’t labeled. This makes it a bit difficult to tell you which shades I used and when.  The square shaped quads cause the colors to spill over. The natural way to retrieve the shades is in a round formation. It’s the natural circular motion used to retrieve the colors with a brush.  As a result (Squares) the colors spilled over onto another. untitled-1797-1

From the  top right, I used the shade at the top, the dark pink and the brown. After using the three shades I was disappointed with the pigmentation. The colors are very translucent which basically means no color payoff on my skin tone. Often times this is an issue for women of color.  I tried three shades the night before, because I wanted to wear them  for  church the next day. I applied my concealer to cover the dark pigment of my eyelids. Next I applied the brown shade, and blended the last two shades . Fill disclosure I’m not great with applying eyeshadows as many  beauty Influencers can.  That shouldn’t stop the eyeshadows  from being pigmented enough to be able to determine the colors.  I should be able to see each shade as they intertwine. That didn’t happen!

Sure something is here, but I don’t see three shades. The brown was applied on my lids. I don’t see it. The orange was applied to the outside of my lids. I can see traces of it. Mainly the dark pink shade is what I see the most.  I applied this 5 times with a brush and again with my fingers. I received the same results.  Eventually the shades  faded and could barely see anything . This is is right after the 5th application.  The shades are so dusty, most of the color ended up on my nose and countertop.



Here’s my final thought: The palette only cost $4.99 and for that I got what I paid for. Sometimes I can get lucky with inexpensive makeup but this one ( Especially for women of color) isn’t one. I could have applied it with water to assist with color transfer , but I wanted to  apply it the way Laura Lee did.  This palette is definately a dupe to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette / Retail Price : $42;  which stays put for hours.

This palette is a nope for me!

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