Acure Skincare: TSA Nearly Threw It Away

Hi beautiful! I’m so happy to have you here.  If you’re an oldie but goodie welcome back. If this is the first blog you’ve read of mine, take off your coat and stay a while.

I’m just going to jump write into this blog. I’ve gone from having a fear of flying to flying all over  the world . Get this, I have the nerve to offer free counseling  ( figuratively speaking) to help others get over the fear of flying. I chuckle  every time I think about it.

When I travel I pack very light. I know this is unusual for many women. We tend to bring our entire closet if we can on a trip for a few days. I’m unique in this sense. I hate traveling with more bags then I really need. With all the flight delays, connecting flights and exhaustion from traveling; my preference is to have as little as possible. This eliminates potentially leaving valuables in an airport or bathroom. It also curtails on having my belongings  stolen.  When there’s more things to guard, I feel it takes sometime to realize something is missing. I like the peace of mind, knowing that I can take a nap in the airport  without worrying about my valuables. I carry a backpack when I’m traveling. I have to share it with you next time.  Yes, you read it correctly a  backpack.  Oh! There is no glamour for me when I travel. I’m all about comfort. I’m not the girl in the airport in makeup and heels. No way! I’m sneakers, jeans and sweatshirt girl. Of course I make sure I look cute.. hehe But, I am comfortable.

Once I went through security and my bag was checked. If you travel by plane, you know they make a little scene by pulling you to the side to check your bag. Someone from TSA, asked if I had any sharp items or liquids in my bag. She searched the bag and pulled out my Acure Skincare. The daydream was new and in its original packaging , but the cleansing cream was nearly empty .  She told me I  couldn’t take the cleansing cream  with me because it exceeded the size limit. The size limit for travel sized containers aerosols, gels and creams is 3.4 ounces.  My cleaning cream is 4 ounces, but it was nearly empty. She held on to it for a while. I begged and pleaded with her. I proceeded to explain that my skin is very sensitive and that I have rosacea. With out my cream, my face will become red, swollen with reddish “acne like” pimples  A rash will develop and I’ will be miserable on my entire trip.  The agent stared at me for a while, trying to decide if she should discard my cleansing cream. Then finally I asked her to touch it and feel the product. It’s nearly empty and that’s why I brought it alone. The agent apologized and tossed it in the garbage.  As I stood there in despair, I knew buying another one wouldn’t solve he problem because I have to fly back home. I couldn’t phantom throwing out $18.00 on my way back from my trip. I gave up and closed my backpack. As I proceeded to leave security the agent had a change of heart and retrieved it from the garbage for me. She agreed with me the tube of cleanser is nearly empty. Luckily I’m notorious for arriving at the airport 3 hours prior to my flight. This incident took away 5 minutes of my life, which intern felt like 2 hours.


Although many bar soaps are better formulated and gentler today they’re still  more drying than sulfate free skincare products. Did you know the binders that hold a bar of soap together has a higher pH than products that are created for cleansing the face. If you have dry rosacea type skin, I’m sure you can definitely relate to how important skincare is. Now with Autumn in the air I can expect a few flare ups from the disorder. There is no cure for rosacea but it can be controlled. Acure isn’t a medication for rosacea but the Seriously Soothing line can help ease the discomfort from the dryness and reddish pimples.  From now own I’ll travel with the clear travel sized containers to put my cleaning cream inside, when I travel . I can’t leave home without Acure.



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