Should You Trash Your Grainy Photos?

So you want to know why your photos are grainy? You took this shot that looks great on your LCD and you can’t wait to upload it to your software. Once you see it your smile quickly turns upside. Oh no! It’s grainy and it doesn’t have that punch of color you saw on the back of your camera. The grain occurred  because of lack of light. Therefore, the camera had to use a high ISO to produce a light image. As you noticed from my sample shot the grainy image also loss color and vibrancy.

What should you do? It really depends on what the image was meant for. If you were practicing shooting in low light, its up to you if it’s a keeper or not. If it was for someone else you may have problems.

I shot this image to use as wall art in my home. The grainy look was intentional. For self gratification I mimicked a piece of art I saw in a department store. It was grainy and lacked that punch of color that’s often loved. However it was exactly what I was looking for. myflower


Breaking the rules isn’t always a bad thing. If you are shooting an image for a client, be sure to shoot to please your client. Ask plenty of questions and confirm the details with a contract.


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