Is Food Photography Easy?

Having a cupcake is now a special treat these days. My goal is to cut back on sugar tremendously. So tremendous I will not be having anything sweet on Valentine. No, don’t feel sorry for me. It’s a health choice I made. To know me, is to know how much sugar I can eat.

I took one bite into my cupcake and place it back onto the plate . The way it fell over  I thought it looked beautiful.  My artistic eyes were speaking.  I’m always trying to find the beauty in everything. I raced to  get my camera and shot a few frames. This is the closet to what it  looked like  in my head.

After the hype was over, I began to ponder how in the world food stylist make food look so yummy. The easiest part is  the subject doesn’t talk. I tried to make the white space of the dish useful, by keeping the cake liner in place. I used the thrifty 50 to bring in the light, right before dusk.  There was a reflector on the camera right and window light on the left.

Food photography takes practice and patience. This is an example of a shot that isn’t too bad, but certainly can use some improvement. It looked a lot better in my head. untitled-4176-1





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