What’s Your Opinion On A Bride In Flats?

Traditionally brides wore  heels.  It was expected as much as wearing a gown.  Before I give you my opinion here’s one fun fact: Many moons ago it was a German tradition; the bride had to collect pennies before she became engaged to buy her wedding shoes. It was meant to have the marriage start off on the right foot. Then the bride would get all of her single bridesmaids to sign the soles of her shoes. At the end of the day, the name most faded on the shoes would be the next to get married. What do you think about that? It’s a long ways from catching the bouquet ..huh.

Shopping for a wedding gown is an event in itself. The focus is mainly about the overall look. Normally  no one remembers the shoes, but everyone recalls that gorgeous dress sliding down the aisle.

Unless you are wearing a short dress, the shoes aren’t really that important.  Times has changed drastically. At some weddings there are no garter fetching and throwing photo. I think that should be eradicated anyway. That’s another blog. Of course you can do whatever you like.

Here are 11 reasons you should wear flats at your wedding:

  1. You will be more open to running and twirling your gown for a picture
  2.  Your flats will not likely get caught in your dress
  3. Decreases your chances of  a slip and fall
  4. Much cheaper than heels
  5. No one will remember them
  6. You can stand for longer periods of time
  7. Heels aren’t practical for a beach or gravel
  8. Dancing  at the reception is tough sometimes with heels and a gown
  9. Heels cause blisters after walking around for long periods. ( Especially if they are new)
  10.  Flats  increases the chance you’ll wear them again
  11. Wearing flats will make your hubby look taller

What style flat would be great for your wedding:

  1.  Ballet style shoe
  2. Sandal
  3. Satin bedroom slipper ( Bride in rhinestones) 🙂
  4. Embellish flats
  5. Converse sneaker
  6. Flip flops..a little too dress down; but do you
  7. Cowgirl boots

This isn’t to suggest that brides who choose to wear five inch heels are making a fashion mistake. At the end of the day it’s about personal choice. A bride who decides to step outside the box shouldn’t feel beholden to a certain style that isn’t right for you.

Remember it’s your day.  Wear a bright colored heel if you likeuntitled-4182-1





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