Thoughts of Baby Being Snatched.

Sharing my story brings chills to my spine.  However, I feel compelled to share it since the latest newborn abduction case has been revealed. It’s  far from resolved at this moment. This case takes me back to the dark experience I had after giving birth.

It was exactly 24 years ago when I was almost Shanara Mobley. If you don’t know by now she was a teen mom when she lost her 8 hour old newborn to a nurse impersonator. This case is all over the internet. You’d have to be sleeping in a cave to have not heard of the case.  I decided to share a different perspective. The missing now young lady  and her abductor is the main focus thus far, but has anyone thought of what it felt like being the distraught biological mother?  I can only imagine.

I’m following this case closely. Not as if its the first of it’s kind, because in the 1980’s according  to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children;there were at least 118 newborns abducted from hospitals. There are still five missing.  According to reports most babies are stolen from medical centers that serve a high volume of low income families. May be the abductor thinks  teen moms  have more children. Perhaps the abductor thinks they are too young to be mothers and they are doing them a favor but taking their child.  No matter what the reason is abducting a baby is a crime! I think it should be punishable to the fullest extent.

It’s disturbing to to read comments regarding Shanara Mobley’s case.  Many people think the baby was better off with the abductor. That’s like saying it’s ok to steal. Regardless of whom the biological mother is no one has the right to intervene in a babies custody. I ponder if  others making such comments would agree if someone stole their baby; the child would be better with someone else.

I didn’t plan to make this blog very long, but I’m getting caught up in my emotions, of envisioning my story. I gave birth at Northside Hospital in Atlanta.  She was only 1 hour old. It was a glorious day for me. I was 23 and married.  She was finally born.  I weighed only 100 pounds and she weighed 10 pounds at birth. Yes, a huge baby with deep dimples in her cheeks. She stared at me for a long time as the nurses wheeled me to my private room. She was laying against my chest; while I count her little toes.   When I counted her last toe, a caucasian woman walked into my room. I didn’t noticed her right way, because I couldn’t take my eyes off of my new baby. I was preparing to feed her. The woman said in a soft voice, she’s beautiful. I looked up at her and replied, thank you. Then she held her arms out as if she wanted to take my baby. I asked her, where was she taking my child. She said, to have her pictures made. The lady had on a white peppermint uniform like the women wore in the gift shop in the hospital. She kept repeating herself,” she’s so beautiful.”   Her arms are still held out to receive my baby.  I raised up my arms as if I were passing my newborn baby to her. Then suddenly I drew her back and ask for ID. I asked for the whereabouts of her name badge. She reached for her chest and replied, “oh I left it down stairs” . I insisted she go and get her ID. I also asked her why is my baby taking pictures so soon. She was only 1 hour old. She said, they ( whoever they was) wanted her to go ahead and get them done.

As the nurse impersonator left my room, she looked a bit irritated. She told me she would be back with her ID. Immediately after she left I called the nurses station. I asked about a nurse taking my baby for pictures. Several nurses were saying on the speaker, they never sent anyone for my baby. I asked over and over in tears if they were sure. The nurses assured me they didn’t.  I grew furious that someone could be  selfish and attempt to take my child from me. Needless to say that impersonator never returned to my room. From that time forward  I was afraid for anyone to come for my baby. I cried when they took her for test. They simply suggested that I follow them. The times I didn’t follow them I’d call several times until my baby was returned. I used the bathroom with my baby on my lap. She slept in my room until I was released from the hospital.

No one ever asked me any questions about this nurse impersonator, but I’m sure she stole someone’s child. It was her intentions that day. Every year on my child’s birthday I recall the experience and thank God she wasn’t abducted. Thank goodness I wasn’t drugged, or the impersonator became forceful and grabbed her from me. Unlike many other mother’s I was lucky.  I believed my child would have been sold to a black market selling ring.

Many abductions occur when a woman experiences a miscarriage, and feels pressured to save a relationship with a husband or boyfriend.   Normally this type of woman has a history of deceptive behavior. I wonder periodically if my baby was targeted.

I can only imagine what Shanara Mobley went through. She celebrated her birthday without her child every year. The real victim is Shanara Mobley. The abductor stole her child 18 years ago and undoubtedly should pay for every one of those years.


img_2087 This is my baby at Northside Hospital . She remained in my room after that horrifying experience.


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