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Why Aren’t you Reading my Blogs?

It’s become frustrating . May be I’m thinking too hard and I should just write and let it flow. Besides I used to do it as a child. I loved writing. No one scolded me for writing run on sentences, or for using repetitive words. The sky was the limit with creativity. I had so much written my English teacher would beg me to stop. I didn’t about the fact my teacher had to grade it for content, creativity, grammar and punctuation. The more I wrote the more the teacher had to read. In essence I was praised for my writing.

Today there are proper steps for a successful blog:

  1. I have to freaking have a catchy title
  2. Make my blog scannable…what?
  3. My blog should be under 1000 words…but I have a lot to say
  4. Make sure its comprehensive
  5. Blog often or on a set schedule

Should I stop here?

I started and stopped blogging so many times.  I love sharing my experiences, talents and knowledge. Should I stick with a niche? I have a passion for  photography, love for cooking, I enjoy given fashion advice  ( Especially for men) and one of my pet peeves is a person who doesn’t clean and keep things organized .

With all of this being said, what should I focus my blogs on? Why can’t I share them all? You’re supposed to be here asking me questions. I’ll try and keep them short, capture your attention with great content, use a catchy title. I can’t promise you I want be all over the place.




coffeemug-2987 This random shot doesn’t make any since. It doesn’t have any thing to do with this blog. I know! However, I don’t know what interest you. This is apparent, because you aren’t reading or liking my blogs . As a photography lover, I have tons of images stored. This is my coffee mug, that I used to drink my hot chocolate. If you love photography , I’m sure you’ve seen this mug before. If you haven’t can you click the like button for a starving blogger? Give me some hope.


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