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Does your Camera Really Matter?


A camera is a tool, they doesn’t actually take pictures, the person behind the lens does. It’s like saying does that car drive well? Ok may be this isn’t a great analogy with  the self driving cars in existence.


For instance this shot. It was taken with an entry level camera. A Nikon d3100.  The berries are frozen. Here I’m trying to work with a strobe. Artificial lighting is foreign to me. It shows in how drab this shot looks. However I can use this camera to get better images. untitled-4201-1

What about this one?  easterTaken with the same camera using natural light. I’m not saying it’s a winner, but the composition is better and I won’t get into the rest. I think we can agree it’s better.


Do you see the improvements?  With practice and patience  it gets better with the same camera. This is still a work in progress. The waffles aren’t as sharp as the berries. When you can see this ( If you are new at photography ) That’s when the knowledge is starting to sink in. Now you know; what you don’t know. Understandably food images are most desire when colorful, has a great composition and the exposure and focus is perfect. The main premise is to make you drool.

A large part of getting great images is achieving the skills.


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