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Unfortunately Retiring

How many of you love fortune cookies? It’s my most fondest memory as a child when going out for Chinese food. It was like the toy in the happy meal box from McDonald’s, except  better.

Recently I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant and as usual I couldn’t wait to read my fortune. I crack the cookie open and read it. Then I eat the cookie. Some of the messages are humorous, some make me feel good, and occasionally it seems like there wasn’t much thought in creating the message. No fret I got a good one this time. fortunecookieWhat do you think of my photo skills guys ? Huh, huh…let me know

The message was appropriate considering the unfortunate news I heard. Donald Lau, retires after 30 years because of writers block.  He was the chief fortune cookie writer at Won Ton foods. The man is tired. Can you blame him. He use to write 100 fortunes a year, but lately he writes 2 or 3 a month. Wow! That’s a huge drop guys. Oh well I hate it, because  I have enjoyed decades of his mini messages.

The cookies will still be around. David Jung, invented the cookie in 1918, but no one seems to have clarification on that. There is also someone named Makoto Hagiwara, who has also claimed to have invented the cookies. Whatever! That was BC’s ago I’m not going to worry about it. Someone invented them and they are good.

Perhaps all fortune cookie lovers will have to sit on the edge of their seats for what’s new in our fortune. In the meantime, let me know what you thought of my cookie image. hehe..  I’m proud of my photo. I looked on Google to see if I could find some unique fortune cookie shots and they were alright…:)




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