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Are You Really Paying That Much For a Name?

Why would you pay less for something and get the same quality as someone who paid more? Is that fair to the one who paid more? Is it more than just the name you are getting? It’s spring again and it’s time for the cool looking sunnies. There are inexpensive ones and theres the pricey predators. Lets first talk about the inexpensive pair of sunglasses.  The problem lies within the way the lenses are crafted. The inexpensive sunglasses are made with cheap ordinary cheap  plastic with a thin coating of tint. Have you ever noticed how easily inexpensive shades get scratched? It’s because the tint is so darn thin. The frame may look like Oakelys or Ray Bans, but the bulky stiff frames are sometimes a dead giveaway. This is not to say there aren’t any great replicas out there. The lenses will always be the cheapest component.

Are those cheap lenses good for your eyesight:

Sun light reaching your cornea ( eye) can effect your vision.  Just above the visible light spectrum is ultraviolet (UV) light, and it turns out that natural sunlight is rich in UV light. Because of its high energy, UV light can damage both your cornea and your retina. Did you know the color of the tint determines the part of the light spectrum that absorbs the light? In other words if you’re wearing cheap sunnies you are putting your precious assets at steak! If the tint is thin, scratched and lack reflective coatings and UV coating; you’re just wearing toy shades. You may as well purchased them from the bubble gum machine.

Lets talk about expensive sunnies:

Ray Bans are my favorite brand. I’m partial to the aviator style, because I think they look great on anyone. You can rock them too! First and foremost the brand is UV protected. Oh! Did I say they look good? They were founded by Bausch & Lomb, one of the worlds largest suppliers in eye health. Do you think with their large name they’d put themselves on the line for a pair of cheapies? Unlike inexpensive sunglasses they modify incoming light to match it to your eyes. They are everything the inexpensive sunglasses aren’t.

You don’t have to spend $500.00 for a great pair of shades. This is when the brand is all in a matter of taste. However, the imposters can damage your eyes in the long run. My advice is get a great pair of shades such as Ray Bans, keep them in the case when not in use. Only clean them with a soft microfiber cloth. It’s best to use the one cloth that came with the Ray Bans. Its convenient and you know its soft enough to prevent scratching the lens. This way your assets (eyes) are protected, you are looking sharp and debonair and you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing them due to malfunction.

Try out a pair of Ray Bans. The Aviator Classic is around $150.00. You may think that is a lot, but think of what you are getting. Your eyes will thank you.IMG_2269


If You Look Good, Feel Good, You’ll Do Good.

Yes, I know the word well is an adverb to describe how a job is performed , but doing good is an old saying. Work with me here!

You know ladies like to look good with anything they do. If they are jogging or going for a brisk walk for exercise. She still has to look good. Right? In the fashion world you do. Who really wants to get caught  jogging in a blue sweatsuit with orange sneakers on. Sure orange and blue goes well together but does that particular suit work well with those shoes. Probably not.

I’m here to show you how to look good, feel good doing it and you’ll end up doing it good. There are plenty days I wanted to skip out on my morning walk, but thought about the nice outfit I chose to wear  on my stroll. It was enough to get me motivated. If you are a girlie girl, you know what I’m talking about.

This is only for entertainment purposes. Exercise is important to maintain good health. Health doesn’t care what you’re wearing.

Designed in mesh to keep feet cool


Pink lines in the shirt brings out the shoes


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Atlanta: The Ninth Largest City



Atlanta is an awesome place. It is full of diversity and culture. There is so much to photograph for tourist. It sounds like cliche today, but everyone likes to get a shot of the Atlanta famous skyline image.  It’s a  film and tv landmark. You can’t visit Atlanta without  getting the picture. It proves you’ve been to see Atlanta. Well, I won’t go that far!

There are so many versions of this image on Google. The fun is in getting your own. Plus you don’t want to face copyright infringements, do you?  Get your tripod if you want to blur the cars on the highway or take long shots at night. There is no right or wrong . It is all up to you.

Atlanta was once known as the city of terminus, because it served as the end of the Georgia rail road line. I thought that was pretty cool history. I try to bring a little known fact to most of my blogs. I hope you like that.

Back to the fun stuff. I went out one morning to shoot the skyline in Atlanta.  It actually finished  raining as I was heading to get the shot. I’ll disclose this is my second time taking a trip to shoot the skyline and probably will not be my last. The first time I used a 50mm prime lens to get the shot. This time I used a kit lens, 18-55mm. For those of you who are still using the kits lens, there is hope for you. Don’t let anyone tell you, it will not work with a kit lens.  You’ll bring a different perspective to the table. You must know you camera and how far you can push it.  It’s all about knowledge . untitled-4372-1

It was an over cast sky. I should have used a smaller aperture. I used f/10. The clouds looked like smoke moving through the buildings.  Like it or not , I brought a different perspective . The best part of it all was the outing with my family and I own the image.


Gluten Sensitivity Isn’t a Joke.

Bread is one of the most common whole grain foods that contain gluten.

What is gluten:

It is a protein found in several types of grain including wheat. Gluten consist of two proteins; gliadin and glutenin. Gliadin is the one that causes the most trouble for health of many individuals. Gluten is bad for some people . Although now it seems to have become a trend for some to eliminate if from their diet. When a person is really sensitive ; it’s not a joking matter.

When my daughter goes out to eat, it can be a very stressful situation. There are restaurant  employees whom are negative about her dietary needs. Some many people think its a preference for attention. If you are really a celiac or highly sensitive to it, the struggle is real!

Have you ever gone out to eat, to find out you can’t eat the salad because the dressing has gluten in it? It boils  down to eating now and sacrificing the excruciating stomach pain and the 10 months pregnant looking belly. Yes, the intestines is so angry with you right now, your stomach s swollen for over a week.

Wait some may say that’s it! No, no what about the other triggers gluten causes. It will cause bipolar symptoms , mood swings, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, diarrhea, constipation, weight gain, thyroid problems, digestive problems, cramping  and skin rash to name a few.

If you truly aren’t gluten intolerant; and you are eliminating it for what you think is healthier- you are actually harming yourself. Believe it or not you’ll lack vitamins, minerals and fiber. This is to be taking very seriously. If you aren’t allergic don’t pretend to be, because the highly sensitive doesn’t wish this on themselves. It’s just their way of living a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re gluten intolerant this bread can be your worse nightmare.


I’ll Never Forget Paula Deen’s Bread Trick.

Let me get this out first . I know you read the headline; and your thoughts of Paula Deen’s name may have struck a cord with you one way or another. However, I’m a huge fan.

Have you ever had a fresh bag of brown sugar? You opened the package and scooped a bit out for a recipe. In a few weeks you have another recipe that calls for brown sugar. To your disappointment the sugar is hard as a baseball. I see you smiling. Yes, it’s happened to you. Right? I bet you abruptly ran out to the store to buy a fresh bag of brown sugar. Don’t feel bad I’ve done it many times. untitled-4337-1

I would get so upset  until one day I watched Paula Dean bake something with brown sugar in the ingredients . She mentioned something that changed my life. She said, ” If you want to preserve your brown sugar, take a slice of any type of bread ( wheat or white) and place it in your bag with the sugar. It prevents the sugar from drying out and it keeps it soft and pliable. The most amazing fact : The bread will never mold.

For many years I would pour my brown sugar in a ziplock bag and take a slice of bread and leave it in with the sugar. It worked! I became a happy lady. No more purchasing the smallest bag of brown sugar due to the fact I’d have to throw it away after one use. This brought me so much joy in my kitchen.

Years later I started pouring the sugar in Ball  ( Any jar with a lid will work) mason jars.

See the bread inside.


untitled-4341-1Simple sandwich bread from your refrigerator will do the trick.


Eat Your Carrots They’ll Make Your Eyes Pretty.

My mom would always tell me this whenever she served carrots. Growing up I hated carrots. She knew I wanted pretty eyes. Why not I’m a girl. She’s said eat the carrots they make your eyes pretty. Then I’d gobble them down.

untitled-4289-1It wasn’t until I got older I found a love for carrots. Someone told me to dip them in blue cheese salad dressing. I ate them all of the time. Somewhere I became lactose intolerant and no more molded cheese for me.

I still love carrots. I eat them all of the time. Often times I eat them raw, but I will eat them steamed with other veggies. As I age, I have a tendency to eat what’s good for me like it or not. My how we change when wiser.

The Benefits of Carrots:

  • Protects against cardiovascular disease
  • An antioxidant
  • Vision health benefits-  ( see they make your eyes pretty)
  • Can prevent colon cancer

Did you know carrots can kill you?

When you turn it into a juice it can produce a lethal pathogen called clostridium bacteria. It could cause paralysis, difficult breathing and death. too much of anything can be bad, but pay close attention to this. Don’t puree carrots and drink them or buy carrots juice too much. You could really overdose on them. Do not drink no more than three cups per day.



Do you Like Lightroom?

If you’ve been using Lightroom 4 better known as LR4, you’re familiar with the Develop module. Your going to try to remove an object.

How many of you notice how messy it can be to try to remove an object in LR4?

I’ve read tutorials after tutorials and to no avail I can’t get a nice smooth flawless edit. It may be me. The next thing I do is click the Heal button. Then I choose a brush size, click on the area to remove then slide the ring to a spot that would match the way you want the spot to look. I have tried and it doesn’t look clean at all.

untitled-4155-1I should have shown you the before and after shot. This is the after. There was a distracting  vehicle in the shot. I tried for hours to get some of the trees and match it over in the spot, but it simply looks like a blob. Do you see it? Otherwise this would be a decent image.

Lightroom – is made by Adobe, a program that was developed specifically for photographers. It’s great for  beginners, hobbyist, and professional photographers. Pros will grow out of LR and realize they need to use it in conjunction with Photoshop.

Photoshop-This is for the big dogs. The designers, painters and videographers.

For now learn LR, its much simpler and it has what you need as a beginner . Watch out for distractions when creating an image. It’s always better to use as little editing as possible. That’s how you measure your growth. You’re becoming more aware of subjects that will deem as a distraction. However, there are times when you can’t avoid distractions. You decide to move or don’t take the shot. Sometimes moving doesn’t always suffice.

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A Tip for Looking Your Best on Your Wedding Day.

No, this isn’t about looking 10 pounds lighter for the camera or how to pose. It’s something I believe many women forget whether they are wearing a backless blouse or an wedding gown. I see it all of the time. I would create a thought bubble over my head if I could.

Have you ever  notice a bride wearing a lovely wedding gown; from the front the bride looks put together well.  Then you see the back of the dress  and your eyes are drawn to the distracting bra straps. It’s one of my wedding day pet peeves. Depending on the style of the gown a strapless bra will not suffice either. Please don’t wear the bra with the clear straps. The straps aren’t clear, I see reflection glaring against the skin of the bride.

Moreover, consider how low the back of the gown is designed. Yes, it’s beautiful , but much more flattering without the undesirable  straps from a bra. Your goal should be  to look  absolutely flawless on your wedding day. Take the extra time and money to look for the best suitable under garment for your gown. As soon as you say, “yes to the dress” proceed on the hunt for your perfect brasserie. It may be simple as sewing cups inside your gown. If you are large up top this may not be the solution, but it may work wonders for others.

The solution to looking stunning in your  backless wedding gown is a strapless / backless bra. There are so many out there from the cheapest to the most expensive .  Adhesive strips  are already sewn onto the bra. The more expensive the bra; the stronger the adhesive. With your cheaper bras you may get a few wears out of it before you’d have to trash it. You can wear the pricey ones if they are taken care of properly up to 25 times. Let’s see I’ve worn one on my wedding day, then again for my anniversary. That’s twice. I think it’s worth the money.

More of the brand named bras will come with silicone type sides that stick to your skin. (Be sure to test the silicone on your skin with a 2-4 hour wear test)The way it works is to make sure your skin is  dry and free from any lotions or oils. Make sure the silicone tabs aren’t sticking to your clothing. The tabs need to stick directly to your skin. You will want to hold the tabs on your side as if they were normal straps to fasten.  Be sure to hold them in an upward position for firm hold. This type of bra will cost around $ 35.00 – $50.00.   The cost for beauty is usually greater than anything less.

Your pictures will look amazing! For years to come you will not  fret over those unsightly bra straps. Remember this is your special day. untitled-4264-1untitled-4275-1



Spring Celebration Cake

This will prompt almost anyone to bake. This looks so yummy.


Astronomical Springtime begins in March. It is during this month that we can finally claim back a little daylight and, along with it, perhaps a little lost optimism. Though the ground is still hard with frost, this is the time to start looking out for the peeping, green tendrils of spring. Bluebells begin to carpet our woodlands and daffodils adorn our banks and borders; colour is returning to the landscape. All is fresh and fledgling. We can look forward to glimpsing the first sights and sounds of new life.  If you live in the countryside, then you will be familiar with the distant bleat of lambs and the gentle babble of water as the land thaws. Seasonal culinary pickings remain slim but for the pink glow of forced Rhubarb. I like to poach this quirky, tangy vegetable with ginger and a little sugar before spooning it onto yogurt or atop…

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The Benefits of Red Onion

Along along time ago…ok I’m not too old I  don’t think , but it was long ago. I didn’t know how to boil water. I suddenly got into onions. What’s the difference? An onion is an onion right?

I’m not going to lie to you, I didn’t  know the purpose of the different colors.  An onion can be sweet, aromatic ( Love how they smell sautéed)  and pungent.  Someone can walk in to the room and say, ” wow it smells good in here .” I’ll smile because it’s only the onions. I always joke and say if you can’t cook, sauté  onions and it smells like you know what you’re doing.

Today I’m not going to talk about all the onions in the world, but narrow down the most used onion in my house. DSC_4262-1

The red onion. It’s not red though …

Health benefits:

  • Vitamin C
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Heal infections

Interesting Facts:

  • Red onion looses its color when cooked
  • The red color come from the pigment in a plant
  • It is a vegetable
  • Used as a preventative to fight flu virus
  • Use in a room inside a bowl to fight the common cold