Do you Like Lightroom?

If you’ve been using Lightroom 4 better known as LR4, you’re familiar with the Develop module. Your going to try to remove an object.

How many of you notice how messy it can be to try to remove an object in LR4?

I’ve read tutorials after tutorials and to no avail I can’t get a nice smooth flawless edit. It may be me. The next thing I do is click the Heal button. Then I choose a brush size, click on the area to remove then slide the ring to a spot that would match the way you want the spot to look. I have tried and it doesn’t look clean at all.

untitled-4155-1I should have shown you the before and after shot. This is the after. There was a distracting  vehicle in the shot. I tried for hours to get some of the trees and match it over in the spot, but it simply looks like a blob. Do you see it? Otherwise this would be a decent image.

Lightroom – is made by Adobe, a program that was developed specifically for photographers. It’s great for  beginners, hobbyist, and professional photographers. Pros will grow out of LR and realize they need to use it in conjunction with Photoshop.

Photoshop-This is for the big dogs. The designers, painters and videographers.

For now learn LR, its much simpler and it has what you need as a beginner . Watch out for distractions when creating an image. It’s always better to use as little editing as possible. That’s how you measure your growth. You’re becoming more aware of subjects that will deem as a distraction. However, there are times when you can’t avoid distractions. You decide to move or don’t take the shot. Sometimes moving doesn’t always suffice.


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