Eat Your Carrots They’ll Make Your Eyes Pretty.

My mom would always tell me this whenever she served carrots. Growing up I hated carrots. She knew I wanted pretty eyes. Why not I’m a girl. She’s said eat the carrots they make your eyes pretty. Then I’d gobble them down.

untitled-4289-1It wasn’t until I got older I found a love for carrots. Someone told me to dip them in blue cheese salad dressing. I ate them all of the time. Somewhere I became lactose intolerant and no more molded cheese for me.

I still love carrots. I eat them all of the time. Often times I eat them raw, but I will eat them steamed with other veggies. As I age, I have a tendency to eat what’s good for me like it or not. My how we change when wiser.

The Benefits of Carrots:

  • Protects against cardiovascular disease
  • An antioxidant
  • Vision health benefits-  ( see they make your eyes pretty)
  • Can prevent colon cancer

Did you know carrots can kill you?

When you turn it into a juice it can produce a lethal pathogen called clostridium bacteria. It could cause paralysis, difficult breathing and death. too much of anything can be bad, but pay close attention to this. Don’t puree carrots and drink them or buy carrots juice too much. You could really overdose on them. Do not drink no more than three cups per day.



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