I’ll Never Forget Paula Deen’s Bread Trick.

Let me get this out first . I know you read the headline; and your thoughts of Paula Deen’s name may have struck a cord with you one way or another. However, I’m a huge fan.

Have you ever had a fresh bag of brown sugar? You opened the package and scooped a bit out for a recipe. In a few weeks you have another recipe that calls for brown sugar. To your disappointment the sugar is hard as a baseball. I see you smiling. Yes, it’s happened to you. Right? I bet you abruptly ran out to the store to buy a fresh bag of brown sugar. Don’t feel bad I’ve done it many times. untitled-4337-1

I would get so upset  until one day I watched Paula Dean bake something with brown sugar in the ingredients . She mentioned something that changed my life. She said, ” If you want to preserve your brown sugar, take a slice of any type of bread ( wheat or white) and place it in your bag with the sugar. It prevents the sugar from drying out and it keeps it soft and pliable. The most amazing fact : The bread will never mold.

For many years I would pour my brown sugar in a ziplock bag and take a slice of bread and leave it in with the sugar. It worked! I became a happy lady. No more purchasing the smallest bag of brown sugar due to the fact I’d have to throw it away after one use. This brought me so much joy in my kitchen.

Years later I started pouring the sugar in Ball  ( Any jar with a lid will work) mason jars.

See the bread inside.


untitled-4341-1Simple sandwich bread from your refrigerator will do the trick.


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