If You Look Good, Feel Good, You’ll Do Good.

Yes, I know the word well is an adverb to describe how a job is performed , but doing good is an old saying. Work with me here!

You know ladies like to look good with anything they do. If they are jogging or going for a brisk walk for exercise. She still has to look good. Right? In the fashion world you do. Who really wants to get caught  jogging in a blue sweatsuit with orange sneakers on. Sure orange and blue goes well together but does that particular suit work well with those shoes. Probably not.

I’m here to show you how to look good, feel good doing it and you’ll end up doing it good. There are plenty days I wanted to skip out on my morning walk, but thought about the nice outfit I chose to wear  on my stroll. It was enough to get me motivated. If you are a girlie girl, you know what I’m talking about.

This is only for entertainment purposes. Exercise is important to maintain good health. Health doesn’t care what you’re wearing.

Designed in mesh to keep feet cool


Pink lines in the shirt brings out the shoes



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