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Black Workout Clothes can Steal Your Stamina.

Most people choose to wear black work out clothes. Especially men it is a safe choice. Black workout clothes can camouflage sweat stains too. Yuk! However, did you know black workout clothes has a lower motivation rate? Don’t get me wrong everyone looks great in black. Larger people will look much slender and smaller people will lose their shape in all of that black.

Black  is what people wear to funerals. Try getting more vibrant colors. They have a tendency to motivate you to go to the gym or be seen outside working out. If you look good you’ll want to workout!

Wear what works for your body type:

Those who are not confident about their body images should look for workout clothes that provide good coverage. A short-sleeved shirt and mid-thigh-length shorts with a relaxed (but not oversized) fit are a good choice for men and women. Heavier people may experience leg chafing while working out, but wearing compression or bicycle-type shorts under a looser pair of shorts will eliminate this problem. You can wear the bikers in a nice bright color under the (black) lose fitting shorts. Go against the grain a little. It will make you feel good!

After all, workout clothes serve both a practical and a psychological purpose. “On a practical level, you need special workout clothes simply because street clothes are either too constricting,  they aren’t made from breathable fibers, but psychologically, you need special workout gear to convince yourself it’s time to work out. Since you have to get sweaty and dirty, you may as well look good. untitled-4426-1


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