Ingredients to Make the Number 1 Easter Appetizer.

Easter is tomorrow so I wanted to bring you this blog before I’m too late.

When spring has sprung there isn’t anything better than appetizers.  The first to kick off spring is deviled eggs.   Your  family and friends will love you for this simple dish.  They’re so many deviled egg recipes, but I like to keep it simple. Some traditions should be left untouched.

Things you’ll need:


Cooking pot



paprika ( garnish)

fork, or meat masher, spoon and knife

While the others are obvious , the spoon and butter knife is used to scoop the yolk to insert in the eggs. The Flat side of the knife is used to push the yolk onto the egg. This is the way to go if you don’t have a piping bag or sandwich bag to pipe the yolk. Besides the piping bag is a water of time of there are going to be tons of toppings on it. Such as capers, bacon…things that hide the piped look. I’d also like to add spooning the yolk saves time as well. If presentation is imperative I’d suggest you pipe the yolk.


My family and I have dinner together every Sunday. It’s not always the so -called Sunday dinner. We can have tacos and rice as long as we spend one day a week together. I loved this as a child. Now we have to forbid electronic devices at the table and focus solely on one another . I look forward to it every week.

Don’t forget to give the eggs an ice bath to prevent over cooked eggs.

Happy Easter!


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