Disneyland Dad

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Systematically Alientated Dads (SAD)

Disneyland Dad

A Disneyland Dad is a product of the current system that forces one parent from being a meaningful impact on their child’s life. This is usually, though not always, the father. There are definitely, Disneyland moms as well.

A Disneyland Dad is basically a dad who is forced into being a “visitor” to his children.

Typically a Disneyland Dad only sees his children 4 days a month through court order and in their “best interest”.

The time with his children is so limited that he tries to make the most of it by making memories through planned events if possible.

Going to the water park, a shopping spree, an amusement park, Disneyland or whatever.

Every visit by the children is an “event”.

Your time so limited and your desire to have a good time and “make memories”, to see smiles on their faces and make the most of…

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