The Dangers of Counterfeit Makeup

Makeup has become such a trend now. In my opinion it’s because of all the beauty influencers on Youtube. Beauty influencers get paid to review a cosmetics and skin care.    Makeup brands  have become a high commodity.  Makeup lovers on Youtube will watch makeup reviews and run straight to Targets  cosmetic section.  This can be a bad habit of buying  one variation of the same thing, simply because you saw it on Youtube.

Another problem that stems from buying makeup because of beauty influencers is feeling the pressure of buying  high end brands. The high end brands are pricey. If the brands are out of your budget, you may search  for other avenues to get the same look for more of an affordable price.

This is where the nightmare begins. For instance take at look on  Ebay’s website and look up Just Peachy Too Faced palette. What do you think is in the ingredients to be able to sell this palette for the price it sells for on Ebay? Your first thought wouldn’t be that it could harm you. Right?  The Just Peachy 12 matte shades sell for $45.00 on the Too Faced website. It is gluten, paraben and cruelty free. Not to mention this palette smells like peaches. Imagine that, your eyeshadow smells yummy .

What I’m getting at is don’t be swooned by low prices for high end  cosmetics. It can be fatal to your health . A beauty influencer on Youtube by the name of Tanya Arguelles, experienced the downside of buying counterfeit makeup. You’d be surprised of some ingredients of the ingredients found in counterfeit makeup.  Check out this video for more details. Let me know if you think counterfeit makeup is worth it.


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 3.34.37 PM

I make no claims to this photo.

Photo by: Tanya Arguelles


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