How to Make Your Eyes Look Amazing Without Makeup.

Do you like looking your best without too much effort? I’m sure I got a yes from you. Who wouldn’t want to look effortlessly amazing. A full face of makeup is fine, but there is something about looking natural. If you could only choose one beauty product other than cleaners and moisturizers; (We can never omit these) what would it be?  Leave a comment and tell me what you would choose.

The most effortless way to look amazing without any makeup is with eyelashes. There are four types of false lashes:

Strip lash: The most conventional  form of falsies.

Individual:  Applied next to your natural lashes to create uniqueness

Extension:  The most expensive method ; but last the longest

Magnetic:  They lay on top of your lashes with a magnet attached

This is pretty much what I look like without lashes. I’m very happy here, but I may not appear to be. untitled-0073-1.jpg

Now take a look at the Ardell # 810 strip lash. I love them because of the long and short hairs, which seems to give me life.untitled-0117-1

I don’t have on any makeup, only lashes.  My eyelids are  naturally dark. untitled-0183-1

I’ve tried Wispies,Double Up, and natural by Ardell as well.

I’m on the hunt  to review some higher end brands, but the Ardell # 810 are my favorite in terms of look. I don’t like how flexible they are. They are difficult to keep a nice shape due to the flexibility of the lash. Yet, I love how lightweight they are. The lightweight prevents them from feeling heavy and perhaps poking under my eyelids.  The lash barely feel as if I have them on.   The invisiband  and knot free technology is awesome. I hate to see the clear band and knot, because they are noticeable.  They mimic a cheap looking lash and do not give off a natural flattering look.

Clean those bad girls:

While you’re busy looking amazing, make sure you clean your lashes with rubbing alcohol. Sit them in a bowl of alcohol for 15 minutes. Then use a clean mascara wand  and brush off the dust and lint. Lastly use a tweezer to pull off the old glue. You can use the lash several times depending upon the quality of the lash. You can re-use some 10 – 25 times.

Remember you are beautiful with or without false lashes!

I shared my thoughts on my youtube channel regarding the Ardell lash and a bonus.




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