Welcome Autumn 2018

Thanks or joining me! If you’ve been following me for sometime I appreciate you sticking with me. If you’re seeing my blog post for the first time; take a look around. I hope you like what you see. If so, Join me on my journey.

I can’t believe this year is near the end. We’re in my favorite time of the year. Autumn! Did you know Autumn is from September 1 – November 30?

The fall home decor has really changed. Think beyond orange and black. The traditional orange will have you overhauling you’re entire house for a season. It doesn’t  coincide with anything. Try white, beige, purple, a little bit of red as a pop color or a lot of greenery. It works!

What makes you think of Autumn? It’s a since of change, and there are different things that can trigger that feeling. For me it begins when I see the home decor in department stores and boutiques.The smell of scented pine cones, trees starting to change to bright yellow,  orange and brown. Moreover, the mood to bake sweet potato and pumpkin pies becomes a necessity in my home. During this season is when I enjoy family time the most. Apple picking is an all time favorite while talking about the good ol’ days.

Seasonal   wreaths is another signature that fall is here.  This random door has a  simple, beautiful  wreath. Although it isn’t your typical orange; it’s a signature of the fall season. untitled-1097-1

This is gross, but seasonal spiders is a sign of Autumn. I was drawn to it in a strange way. It looks dangerous and had a lady bug caught in it’s web. This is the first time I’ve  seen such a web before. It is like a spiral.  Yuk! untitled-1207-1Oh goodness, why am I writing about a nasty insect.

I think of suede booties in Autumn. untitled-1238-1

I start keeping a Jackie in the car. Here is my jacket from Windsor . It’s a nice lightweight jacket in memory ( He was in the army) of my dad. untitled-1241-1.jpg

Who doesn’t think of hats when thinking of Autumn? The beautiful colors and the extra feminine touch with the fur balls. untitled-1237-1.jpg

Faux leather is always a great fall look. You can really top them off with a thin turtle neck sweater. They’re comfortable and stylish. untitled-1235-1

You can find a pair at one of my favorite dress shops, Fab’rik .

Lastly, on the cool nights and pair of cute kitten slippers with a cup of hot chocolate… No?  Ok coffee. untitled-1242-1

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