What I Think of Shein?

Hi beautiful!

I’m so happy that you decided to read my blog. Now  I won’t feel as if I’m typing to myself. Hopefully what I have to share with you today doesn’t bore you too much. Here we go!

I’ve been hearing about this online women’s clothes shop called Shein. What got my attention is the different style of clothing that are sold o the website. You can purchase anything from classy to cool. My wardrobe has always been versatile in a sense to where I’m not afraid  to venture into different looks. However, I’ve never been into trendy fashion for the mere fact I could end up looking like a hoarder while trying to keep with the latest style. Normally I stick to classic looks and high quality items mixed with a little modern and unique pieces .

The clothes tempted me so much with it’s fashion forward looks and uniqueness I had to give it a try. I purchased  4 pieces by and I must say for the most part I very pleased.

The black/white  bodysuit was is the least uncomfortable . I was a little disappointed in the fit. I normally wear extra small in tops, but it wasn’t available . Therefore, I got a small. The bottom portion stuck out over my jeans and gave the appearance of a “muffin top.” The front of the bodysuit is too open for my taste. From the website it looks deep but not open. Also the model didn’t have on bottoms to show how the bottoms rising over the jeans. This is my least favorite of all the pieces . However, it is very appealing to the eyes. I may pair it with a jacket and definitely a broach to keep the deep “V” closed in the front.


Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 4.50.55 PM This pink and grey top and bottom is and image from the Shein website. I purchased this piece, but I didn’t have a picture of myself in it. It’s made a nice stretchy material and looks just like this photo. It’s really cute and comfortable.

I have an eyelash addiction. Therefore, this top is very fitting. I will be wearing this top with faux leather leggings and a black hat with a jacket when the weather is cooler. I’m currently in the month of October and it’s warm. IMG_1566 2



This top called my name when I saw it. I think all women are flawless in their own way. This sweatshirt is cropped and ties in the front. It will look nice as a layered look with a long sleeve white cotton shirt . The white shirt will add interest to your look. If you’re over 40 it just says you’re open for something different.  IMG_1641

I went bonkers over this top! I will be pairing this will black jeans and  leather pants. This top is certainly a conversation piece. It made a a good stretchy material and it looks just like the picture on the website. IMG_1623.jpg

Shein, has a 20% student discount. There shipping is free if you spend over $49.00 or it’s $3.99. For express  orders over $99.00 the shipping is free or $12.90. My order arrived in 4 business days. I received everything I ordered and the sizes were correct as well. I hope this will prompt you to give Shein a try. I really enjoyed ordering from Shein I liked the fact many of the items were on a model to give me a good depiction of what they may look like on me.  Go try out It’s a great place to shop especially if you are on a budget or love trendy items for a reasonable price and quality .

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Acure: One of The Best Skin Care Lines Has Changed it’s Look

Around age 45, I began to have serious skin problems. Like a  bad dream, I woke up  and my skin was extremely dry, itchy, red, patchy, with reddish bumps concentrated only on the cheeks of my face. I remembered my face being painful.  I noticed rashes and swelling  on my skin as well. I didn’t know  it then, but I have rosacea .  frantically I went to the doctor whom mis- diagnosed me and I ended up in the emergency room  and given oxygen .  That’s a story for another time.

To bring you up to speed after trying countless skin products to soothe my problematic skin, I finally came across Acure products.  I discovered it at  Whole Foods supermarket . The name of the product is very fitting. Considering I was certainly looking for a cure to my new problem.  The ingredients entails blackberry, leaf juice , fruit extract, rose hip and pomegranate, olive oil, sunflower oil and chamomile.  Things you can pronounce.


Acure , is considered a wellness product. It’s vegan, paraben , sulfate and mineral oil free. Thank goodness there isn’t sulfate in it. Sulfate can be deadly depending upon the dosage. It didn’t like me once and I tell you it wasn’t fun. Oh! did I mention it’s petroleum, silicone and cruelty free.

This is such a great product.  The packaging has changed from teal and white to pink and white for the sensitive care line. Newly known as Seriously Soothing. It is moderately pricey, but less than department store products. It doesn’t stay on the shelf very long. Therefore, you don’t want to wait til you’re out to restock. When you’re half way through a tube, it’s time to make an order or a trip to Whole Foods or Target. It’s also available at some small health stores.

My actual product I purchased. This is the new packaging for the sensitive skin care. It works wonders on rosacea. There isn’t a cure for rosacea. This helps subside the symptoms . untitled-5250-1