What I Think of Shein?

Hi beautiful!

I’m so happy that you decided to read my blog. Now  I won’t feel as if I’m typing to myself. Hopefully what I have to share with you today doesn’t bore you too much. Here we go!

I’ve been hearing about this online women’s clothes shop called Shein. What got my attention is the different style of clothing that are sold o the website. You can purchase anything from classy to cool. My wardrobe has always been versatile in a sense to where I’m not afraid  to venture into different looks. However, I’ve never been into trendy fashion for the mere fact I could end up looking like a hoarder while trying to keep with the latest style. Normally I stick to classic looks and high quality items mixed with a little modern and unique pieces .

The clothes tempted me so much with it’s fashion forward looks and uniqueness I had to give it a try. I purchased  4 pieces by and I must say for the most part I very pleased.

The black/white  bodysuit was is the least uncomfortable . I was a little disappointed in the fit. I normally wear extra small in tops, but it wasn’t available . Therefore, I got a small. The bottom portion stuck out over my jeans and gave the appearance of a “muffin top.” The front of the bodysuit is too open for my taste. From the website it looks deep but not open. Also the model didn’t have on bottoms to show how the bottoms rising over the jeans. This is my least favorite of all the pieces . However, it is very appealing to the eyes. I may pair it with a jacket and definitely a broach to keep the deep “V” closed in the front.


Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 4.50.55 PM This pink and grey top and bottom is and image from the Shein website. I purchased this piece, but I didn’t have a picture of myself in it. It’s made a nice stretchy material and looks just like this photo. It’s really cute and comfortable.

I have an eyelash addiction. Therefore, this top is very fitting. I will be wearing this top with faux leather leggings and a black hat with a jacket when the weather is cooler. I’m currently in the month of October and it’s warm. IMG_1566 2



This top called my name when I saw it. I think all women are flawless in their own way. This sweatshirt is cropped and ties in the front. It will look nice as a layered look with a long sleeve white cotton shirt . The white shirt will add interest to your look. If you’re over 40 it just says you’re open for something different.  IMG_1641

I went bonkers over this top! I will be pairing this will black jeans and  leather pants. This top is certainly a conversation piece. It made a a good stretchy material and it looks just like the picture on the website. IMG_1623.jpg

Shein, has a 20% student discount. There shipping is free if you spend over $49.00 or it’s $3.99. For express  orders over $99.00 the shipping is free or $12.90. My order arrived in 4 business days. I received everything I ordered and the sizes were correct as well. I hope this will prompt you to give Shein a try. I really enjoyed ordering from Shein I liked the fact many of the items were on a model to give me a good depiction of what they may look like on me.  Go try out It’s a great place to shop especially if you are on a budget or love trendy items for a reasonable price and quality .

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Acure: One of The Best Skin Care Lines Has Changed it’s Look

Around age 45, I began to have serious skin problems. Like a  bad dream, I woke up  and my skin was extremely dry, itchy, red, patchy, with reddish bumps concentrated only on the cheeks of my face. I remembered my face being painful.  I noticed rashes and swelling  on my skin as well. I didn’t know  it then, but I have rosacea .  frantically I went to the doctor whom mis- diagnosed me and I ended up in the emergency room  and given oxygen .  That’s a story for another time.

To bring you up to speed after trying countless skin products to soothe my problematic skin, I finally came across Acure products.  I discovered it at  Whole Foods supermarket . The name of the product is very fitting. Considering I was certainly looking for a cure to my new problem.  The ingredients entails blackberry, leaf juice , fruit extract, rose hip and pomegranate, olive oil, sunflower oil and chamomile.  Things you can pronounce.


Acure , is considered a wellness product. It’s vegan, paraben , sulfate and mineral oil free. Thank goodness there isn’t sulfate in it. Sulfate can be deadly depending upon the dosage. It didn’t like me once and I tell you it wasn’t fun. Oh! did I mention it’s petroleum, silicone and cruelty free.

This is such a great product.  The packaging has changed from teal and white to pink and white for the sensitive care line. Newly known as Seriously Soothing. It is moderately pricey, but less than department store products. It doesn’t stay on the shelf very long. Therefore, you don’t want to wait til you’re out to restock. When you’re half way through a tube, it’s time to make an order or a trip to Whole Foods or Target. It’s also available at some small health stores.

My actual product I purchased. This is the new packaging for the sensitive skin care. It works wonders on rosacea. There isn’t a cure for rosacea. This helps subside the symptoms . untitled-5250-1


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Welcome Autumn 2018

Thanks or joining me! If you’ve been following me for sometime I appreciate you sticking with me. If you’re seeing my blog post for the first time; take a look around. I hope you like what you see. If so, Join me on my journey.

I can’t believe this year is near the end. We’re in my favorite time of the year. Autumn! Did you know Autumn is from September 1 – November 30?

The fall home decor has really changed. Think beyond orange and black. The traditional orange will have you overhauling you’re entire house for a season. It doesn’t  coincide with anything. Try white, beige, purple, a little bit of red as a pop color or a lot of greenery. It works!

What makes you think of Autumn? It’s a since of change, and there are different things that can trigger that feeling. For me it begins when I see the home decor in department stores and boutiques.The smell of scented pine cones, trees starting to change to bright yellow,  orange and brown. Moreover, the mood to bake sweet potato and pumpkin pies becomes a necessity in my home. During this season is when I enjoy family time the most. Apple picking is an all time favorite while talking about the good ol’ days.

Seasonal   wreaths is another signature that fall is here.  This random door has a  simple, beautiful  wreath. Although it isn’t your typical orange; it’s a signature of the fall season. untitled-1097-1

This is gross, but seasonal spiders is a sign of Autumn. I was drawn to it in a strange way. It looks dangerous and had a lady bug caught in it’s web. This is the first time I’ve  seen such a web before. It is like a spiral.  Yuk! untitled-1207-1Oh goodness, why am I writing about a nasty insect.

I think of suede booties in Autumn. untitled-1238-1

I start keeping a Jackie in the car. Here is my jacket from Windsor . It’s a nice lightweight jacket in memory ( He was in the army) of my dad. untitled-1241-1.jpg

Who doesn’t think of hats when thinking of Autumn? The beautiful colors and the extra feminine touch with the fur balls. untitled-1237-1.jpg

Faux leather is always a great fall look. You can really top them off with a thin turtle neck sweater. They’re comfortable and stylish. untitled-1235-1

You can find a pair at one of my favorite dress shops, Fab’rik .

Lastly, on the cool nights and pair of cute kitten slippers with a cup of hot chocolate… No?  Ok coffee. untitled-1242-1

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How To Choose A Wedding Gown

Make a list of bridal shops that you want to visit.  Find shops that carry dresses within your budget, you don’t want to spend your mortgage on a dress. Next, make an appointment to visit each store. Although the assistance are friendly and knowledgeable they can  become annoying and pushy.  Purchasing a wedding gown can be overwhelming.  It’s ok to receive recommendations that suit your personal style. At the end of the day, its your wedding and you have a budget you desire to stay within .

Choose a gown as soon as possible.  This is a very important step because most wedding gowns have to be altered for a customizable fit. Often times it may take longer depending upon the season of your wedding day. the earlier you make this decision the better, to a lot for any mishaps on sizing or you may change your mind about some details regarding the gown during the second fitting.

Choose the location and time of the wedding.  Some people say you should do this first, but I think it should be done right after the gown has been chosen, to make things more surreal. Not only this reason, but the style of the gown can sometimes determine the venue location. If your gown is very elegant, a beautiful elegant venue will take precedence over a less appealing venue.  You’re going all out on this wedding and everything including the venue will coincide.  The best venue to choose is one stop shop sort to speak. They’ll provide you with an officiant, baker, wedding planner, decorator, caterer and even plan your stay at a hotel if needed. As a bride your only duty is to show up  looking stunning!

Bridal Gown
Photo: Daralynn


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Clean Your Faux Eyelashes: Kiss Boudoir

Looking beautiful is in the mind of women who can be a true representation of herself. All of the beauty tools are simply enhancers. If you don’t have love for yourself, not one thing can make you a true beauty. Now that I have left my disclaimer lets get on to the blog.

Cleaning faux eyelashes are imperative to eye health and the life of your faux lashes. Paying attention to how you handle your lashes by promoting sanitation is probably something many  avid lash users may not think about.

How To Clean Faux eyelashes:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Dry hands with a clean towel ( Preferably white paper towel)
  3. Remove lashes (  Start with from outer corner)
  4. Use makeup remover on a cotton ball
  5. Use tweezers to gently remove the glue
  6. To prevent bacteria use another cotton ball and clean with alcohol
  7. Lay them on a clean towel to air dry
  8. Replace in lash in original  tray
  9. Cover lashes with original packaging or container
  10. Store in a cool dust free environment
  11. Wash hands before re- applying lashes
  12. Never use mascara on faux lashes
  13. Buy new lash glue every 6 months ( Throw away old bottle)
  14. Never share lashes with anyone ( Not even with your mom)
  15. Never share glue
  16. Pick them up with tweezers that have been disinfected  with alcohol
  17. Never lay them in random places  ( Your nightstand or bathroom counter)
  18. Don’t rub your eyes ( Especially if you have not washed your hands)
  19. Clean your entire face before apply lashes
  20. Give your lashes a breakuntitled-0510-2-2untitled-0487-1-2


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Target’s Clothes: What Do You Think of The Quality

What do you think of the quality of the clothing from Target? I haven’t really shopped for clothes from Target, because I rarely see anything that catches my eye. Besides I think the quality is a cut above Walmart.  They sell some of the same brands such as Xhilaration and Mossimo.

When I shop at Target it’s for  wash cloths, dish towels, small kitchen appliances , cleaning supplies and food.   Quality, comfort and style  means more to me than price. Ironically Target’s clothes aren’t cheap.  In terms of style Target’s clothes  are trendy, but will last for a year and the quality will climate depending upon how often you wear the item. The most I’ve ever purchased from Target  are graphic T-shirts for a special day, such as July 4th,  Christmas or a cute quote. My experience with the t-shirts they deteriorate within a month, from holes, rips , and losing shape. I know it when I buy them.  They’re great for going to cookouts, concerts and  yard work.

I decided to try this mesh  shirt by Xhilaration from Target. I thought it was stylish, but I don’t think it will have much life.

Photo: Daralynn

I’d be surprised if it last til next summer. I hand washed it in cold water to preserve the color and prevent fading on the embroidery . To prevent stretching I placed it on a drying rack. Never put cheap clothing in the dryer .  Placing the shirt on a hanger  while it’s wet would leave hanger prints that are difficult to remove. It’s just a cute top Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 11.48.32 AM.png made in china.  The retail price is $19.99  and shouldn’t have been more than  $9.99.

It was fun trying on this top from Target. However I think for the price and subpar quality, I’ll continue shopping at places like Ann Taylor.


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How to Make Your Eyes Look Amazing Without Makeup.

Do you like looking your best without too much effort? I’m sure I got a yes from you. Who wouldn’t want to look effortlessly amazing. A full face of makeup is fine, but there is something about looking natural. If you could only choose one beauty product other than cleaners and moisturizers; (We can never omit these) what would it be?  Leave a comment and tell me what you would choose.

The most effortless way to look amazing without any makeup is with eyelashes. There are four types of false lashes:

Strip lash: The most conventional  form of falsies.

Individual:  Applied next to your natural lashes to create uniqueness

Extension:  The most expensive method ; but last the longest

Magnetic:  They lay on top of your lashes with a magnet attached

This is pretty much what I look like without lashes. I’m very happy here, but I may not appear to be. untitled-0073-1.jpg

Now take a look at the Ardell # 810 strip lash. I love them because of the long and short hairs, which seems to give me life.untitled-0117-1

I don’t have on any makeup, only lashes.  My eyelids are  naturally dark. untitled-0183-1

I’ve tried Wispies,Double Up, and natural by Ardell as well.

I’m on the hunt  to review some higher end brands, but the Ardell # 810 are my favorite in terms of look. I don’t like how flexible they are. They are difficult to keep a nice shape due to the flexibility of the lash. Yet, I love how lightweight they are. The lightweight prevents them from feeling heavy and perhaps poking under my eyelids.  The lash barely feel as if I have them on.   The invisiband  and knot free technology is awesome. I hate to see the clear band and knot, because they are noticeable.  They mimic a cheap looking lash and do not give off a natural flattering look.

Clean those bad girls:

While you’re busy looking amazing, make sure you clean your lashes with rubbing alcohol. Sit them in a bowl of alcohol for 15 minutes. Then use a clean mascara wand  and brush off the dust and lint. Lastly use a tweezer to pull off the old glue. You can use the lash several times depending upon the quality of the lash. You can re-use some 10 – 25 times.

Remember you are beautiful with or without false lashes!

I shared my thoughts on my youtube channel regarding the Ardell lash and a bonus.




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Nail Your Wedding Day Manicure With Sally Hansen.


Sally Hansen is the leader in nail innovation and they’ve  decided to mix color and care. Their newest line is called Color Therapy . They offer beautiful beige that will be flattering to many brides, chai on life is the name of the color.  It doesn’t scream” I have on nail polish,” but the camera  will love your nails.  This natural color will not distract from your embellished wedding gown.  It’s easy to apply this polish with the amazing flat brush that doesn’t leave streaks.  It builds up to opacity and it’s extremely pigmented. What I love the most is it looks great on any skin tone. Don’t let anyone tell you different!

Photo: Daralynn

Color Therapy has argan oil , açaí and evening primrose oil to aid in dry, weak nails. As you know my nails went through a rough patch from a SNS manicure

If you are getting your nails done the day of your wedding, pick up a bottle of big kwik dry top coatYes! I spelled Kwik  ( According to Sally) correctly. 

Photo: Daralynn

Note: The best thing about Sally Hansen’s gel topcoat is it can be used with any nail polish. It doesn’t have to be a Sally’s brand nor does it have to be a gel polish. This little black bottle is my best friend. It can prevent your nail polish from cracking up to 7 days. Get a bottle of this after a manicure and brush it on top. You will not have to worry about your beautiful nails on your special day.

Photo: Daralynn
Photo: Daralynn

These three will not disappoint you on your special day.

If your still feeling classic vibes, go with a french manicure.

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The Pros & Cons of SNS Nails

You may be here because you’ve never heard of SNS nails. Most recognize this type of manicure as nail dipping. This means when you get a manicure there is no ” nail polish” smell. What won me over  is the fact I didn’t have to wait for them to dry.

I have naturally beautiful nails. I don’t know why they grow so long because I don’t do anything special to them. I belived because I didn’t have them manipulated by nails techs for many years helped them to grow.  Somethings are better left alone. My nails are my pride and glory. I’ve always  personally kept my natural nails well groomed. During the coming of the computer age, I started looking up tips on how to make them look like I went to a nail salon. I learned to polish like a pro.  Whenever I’d go to Ulta I’d always  rummage through the nail polish isle before I leave.  I use to like all the odd shades: yellow , green, blue and so forth. Now I like neutrals and pink shades. It is one of the fun things about being girl. I get to enjoy all of the wonderful shades and I can change as much as I like. untitled-0065-1.jpgI’ve thrown many bottles away because they don’t go over the nail as well once it gets down to the last bit  of the lacquer . Although I know the little trick ( pour remover in it) to stretch it and get the remaining polish from the bottom . I opt to throw it away.

At some point I grew tired of manicuring my own nails. Therefore, I chose to visit a nail salon as a treat to relax and let someone else do the work. I didn’t know that this would come with a price more than the cost of the service.

One thing that stood out in my head the most is no one washed their hands in between clients. I usually wash my hands upon arrival, but it doesn’t help much if the tech hasn’t washed his / her hands. Then I opt for my hand sanitizer to add as a barrier to the nail tech dirty hands. I’m not sure if this works, but I didn’t want to seem rude by asking if they’d wash their hands as well.

Polish will last 5 – 7 days
A safer polish without formaldehyde 

After all of the things I’ve tried at home I decided to try SNS nail manicure. This is somewhat of an expensive nail service. I’ve received this type of service  for 4 months to date. The price for the service averages about $40.00. I usually pay around $46.00 that would include the tip.

Pros of SNS Nail Manicure:

1. No smells from nail polish

2. Last longer than a gel manicure

3. SNS will last 4 weeks

4. It will not chip or fade

5. You do not have to use a UV light

6. They are dry as soon as the service is complete ( No wait to dry)

7. There are many dip powders  ( colors) to choose from 

8. You don’t have to use a drill to get it done

9. Claim to be less toxic 

10. They are soaked off with acetone 

Cons of SNS Nail Manicure:

  1. SNS thins the nail bed
  2. Nails become sensitive to slightest touch
  3. Nails split and crack
  4. Your nails are dipped in a powder behind other people
  5. Some nail techs remove SNS with a drill  ( Not necessary)
  6. It’s a pricey nail service
  7. It grows out quickly 
  8. The SNS lifts at the cuticle of the nail and snags on things  ( clothes)
  9. Cracks and splits the nail base
  10. The lifting can hurt
  11. Can get an infection from dipping
  12. Can cause cancer 
  13. Makes natural nails look hideous and unhealthy.

I removed the SNS with acetone. It took about 20 minutes and it easily came off without any drills.  Before SNS my nails were hard, long , healthy and beautiful. I had to cut them down because they were severely damaged. My cuticles look horrible and my nails are split in a place were I can’t trim them. This is my nail bed. I stopped using SNS, because I noticed how sensitive my nail beds have gotten. They hurt to the slightest touch. This probably came from the drilling. It was minimal but it still caused an issue. I was told a drill isn’t needed at all. It depends on the nail techs patience. The nails techs  always  seem to be in a hurry to get as many clients as possible. Perhaps they work on commission.

The deep lines are actually split and will lift

I will have to nurse them back to health. My nails are an extension of my skin. Since I use nail polish so much I am seriously thinking about throwing out my old and starting over with polishes that are free from formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl. These are three of the main toxins used to make nail polish.


The tools I used to try to make them look better, while they grow back to health:

  1. Crystal nail file
  2. Nail clipper
  3. Buffer
  4. Base coat
  5. 5. Top coat
  6. Clear glitter nail polish

The clear glitter polish helped camouflage the imperfections.

  1. untitled-0055-1.jpg

This will have to do for now

I can’t do too much manipulating. They are sensitive. My nails are so soft and they bend up against anything.  I regret doing  this to my nails.  When I see the results of getting my nails done at the salon it is enticing and addictive.


Take precautions if you insist on going to a nail salon. Perhaps buy your own SNS to use  exclusively.  Insist on bringing your own tools. This will curtail the germs, and bacteria that could make you sick for the rest of your life.

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Wedding Cakes Versus Cupcakes

I’m bringing up this topic , because it’s wedding season. This sounds politically correct, but I’ll let you in on a secret. My real reason is I’m a photographer and I shoot many stock images that I love sharing. Therefore, why not use it to express an old debate.  Should you have cupcakes at your wedding as opposed to a wedding cake?

Many Brides decide to use cupcakes because it’s cost effective. They are easy because you don’t need a plate or a fork. They can also be made in deferent sizes; Traditional, mini and large size. They can be made in different shapes as well.

Photo by: Angelita Espara


Many individuals look forward  ( Besides the wedding gown) to seeing the large wedding cake waiting to be eaten. I must admit the wedding cake beats the cupcake in the pretty and elegant category any day.

Photo by: Daralynn
Photo by: Daralynn

A decision to have a wedding cake or cupcakes is a matter of personal choice. However, I feel the most elegant weddings will choose the wedding cake. It makes for better images and it’s traditional. However, occasionally guest have opt to have both. The wedding cake  is use for images and the cake cutting ; while the cupcakes are used for easy portions. It’s convenient for guest to grab a cupcake without a knife, fork or plate. Cupcakes are known for bringing on a good conversation with the different flavors to choose from. The only mess could possibly those who opt to leave the cupcake liner on the table or throw them on the floor.  I know you’re thinking who’d do that, but you’d be surprised.