Maybe I Should be a Baby Photographer .

I love  shooting almost anything; I don’t mean with a gun. I have to watch how I say this in public. Once I’ve been on the phone in a coffee shop, talking to a client. I asked her if she wanted me to shoot the baby too.  Instantly I received stares from nearly everyone around me. I spoke up immediately, informing everyone that I’m a photographer. Then I received looks of relief  and spontaneous smiles. That’s a little side story that came to mind  as I gathered   my thoughts for this blog post.

Have you ever loved doing something ,but did everything in your power  to avoid it? It doesn’t make since but apparently it’s pretty common. For example: Have ever heard of  stories  where someone  always dreamt of owning a bakery, yet they go to law school to  to please their parents? Every semester that goes by, they are thinking of baking the pastries and all sorts of cupcakes. They’ve picked out the business name their and has practically written a mental business plan.  Everyone in their family is proud except them. Often times the story ends where they go off and start that bakery business  ( after practicing law) they’ve  yearned for.

Admittedly, I think this is my story.  I’ve always loved babies. Besides they are the sweetest thing on earth. Seriously, I can’t think of anything more precious than a baby. Many years ago I made an attempt to own a childcare center, but there were so much red tape involved ; it was nearly impossible to go for it. I owned some property that would have been perfect for a childcare center. It was located in an area that was inundated with businesses. I thought to myself , it would be a piece of cake to get approved. The city turned down the thought. For me it was a way to stop in and play in the infant room and get my baby fix. For some reason it didn’t seem to impress anyone with my idea.

Whenever I’d go out and shoot a wedding, I’d get a different response . There were people who admired me more for shooting a wedding. I decided to take on the challenge merely , because I was always told weddings aren’t a joke. I’d have to be organized and make sure the bride was completely happy . Anytime someone tell me it’s a challenge or that it’s something most photographers are afraid to try , I wanted to try it. The problem is , I’ve tried several years to get a consistent client wedding data base. For whatever reason it hasn’t worked for me. Each time I get stood up for a wedding portrait or turned down to shoot a wedding, I think to myself; maybe it’s not where God wants me to be. I love babies.

Photographing infants has it’s own challenges. Most often the newborn is sleeping while being placed in all typed of poses. The sky is the limit with creativity using props. They must be kept warm and have some sort of white soothing sounds. They’ll sleep throughout the session on a warm bottle of milk.  It takes tons of patience to get the perfect shot. You have several factors that can work against you. A fussy baby and excited parents. Most sessions will last 2-4 hours , because patience is a virtue. There are clothing changes and breaks for the baby that can prolong the session. At the end of the day, it brings me joy to know I was a part of creating the babies first real session. It would be treasured forever.

This year is my attempt to switch genre’s . Weddings are great and I’d shoot one in a heart beat. However,  when I browse the internet for baby photography; I imagine if it were me making those precious memories.

Have you ever avoided a true passion to please someone else?colin-maynard-231363.jpg