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When Should You Purge Clothes From Your Closet?

Have you started to notice your closet is packed with all types of clothes you thought you’d wear? You have shoes, hats, swimsuits, sleeveless tops, sundresses and even a pair of sunnies you never touched. In fact two summers has gone by and you never worn them at all ( tags still on) or you wore them once.

It’s time to purge the closet from summer clothes. Anything you didn’t wear or barely wore the last two summers should  go! It’s closet rules. You may have bought it compulsively, because it was only $5 bucks. No matter the reason, the fact is you obviously  don’t like it that much. You may say, “well if I get rid of it, my closet will look bare.” You only need the things you want and love enough to wear. Are you still with me? Stay focused on summer clothes. Be brutally honest with yourself. You don’t need to impress anyone with a closet full of things you don’t find flattering enough to wear. I think you get the gist.

Clear out the summer things on a day, when you aren’t in a rush . Make sure you’re in the mood for it. Otherwise, you will not do a good assessment. In that pile of clothes, shoes and accessories should be things that never fit correctly in the first place. For instance the shoes with your heel hanging on the edge, the shoes thats too tight, sunnies you bought because Sarah bought a pair, the pants that are three sizes too small, because you were going to loose weight 5 years ago. You know that top is too big and you’ll never get it altered. Get out of here!!

Get a large trash bag and toss it all in. Nope, its not going to the garbage. There are tons of people that need these things. We just dealt with hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Do a good deed and donate. jakob-owens-91197onur-bahcivancilar-140823.jpg

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Black Workout Clothes can Steal Your Stamina.

Most people choose to wear black work out clothes. Especially men it is a safe choice. Black workout clothes can camouflage sweat stains too. Yuk! However, did you know black workout clothes has a lower motivation rate? Don’t get me wrong everyone looks great in black. Larger people will look much slender and smaller people will lose their shape in all of that black.

Black  is what people wear to funerals. Try getting more vibrant colors. They have a tendency to motivate you to go to the gym or be seen outside working out. If you look good you’ll want to workout!

Wear what works for your body type:

Those who are not confident about their body images should look for workout clothes that provide good coverage. A short-sleeved shirt and mid-thigh-length shorts with a relaxed (but not oversized) fit are a good choice for men and women. Heavier people may experience leg chafing while working out, but wearing compression or bicycle-type shorts under a looser pair of shorts will eliminate this problem. You can wear the bikers in a nice bright color under the (black) lose fitting shorts. Go against the grain a little. It will make you feel good!

After all, workout clothes serve both a practical and a psychological purpose. “On a practical level, you need special workout clothes simply because street clothes are either too constricting,  they aren’t made from breathable fibers, but psychologically, you need special workout gear to convince yourself it’s time to work out. Since you have to get sweaty and dirty, you may as well look good. untitled-4426-1


If You Look Good, Feel Good, You’ll Do Good.

Yes, I know the word well is an adverb to describe how a job is performed , but doing good is an old saying. Work with me here!

You know ladies like to look good with anything they do. If they are jogging or going for a brisk walk for exercise. She still has to look good. Right? In the fashion world you do. Who really wants to get caught  jogging in a blue sweatsuit with orange sneakers on. Sure orange and blue goes well together but does that particular suit work well with those shoes. Probably not.

I’m here to show you how to look good, feel good doing it and you’ll end up doing it good. There are plenty days I wanted to skip out on my morning walk, but thought about the nice outfit I chose to wear  on my stroll. It was enough to get me motivated. If you are a girlie girl, you know what I’m talking about.

This is only for entertainment purposes. Exercise is important to maintain good health. Health doesn’t care what you’re wearing.

Designed in mesh to keep feet cool


Pink lines in the shirt brings out the shoes