What I Think of Shein?

Hi beautiful!

I’m so happy that you decided to read my blog. Now  I won’t feel as if I’m typing to myself. Hopefully what I have to share with you today doesn’t bore you too much. Here we go!

I’ve been hearing about this online women’s clothes shop called Shein. What got my attention is the different style of clothing that are sold o the website. You can purchase anything from classy to cool. My wardrobe has always been versatile in a sense to where I’m not afraid  to venture into different looks. However, I’ve never been into trendy fashion for the mere fact I could end up looking like a hoarder while trying to keep with the latest style. Normally I stick to classic looks and high quality items mixed with a little modern and unique pieces .

The clothes tempted me so much with it’s fashion forward looks and uniqueness I had to give it a try. I purchased  4 pieces by and I must say for the most part I very pleased.

The black/white  bodysuit was is the least uncomfortable . I was a little disappointed in the fit. I normally wear extra small in tops, but it wasn’t available . Therefore, I got a small. The bottom portion stuck out over my jeans and gave the appearance of a “muffin top.” The front of the bodysuit is too open for my taste. From the website it looks deep but not open. Also the model didn’t have on bottoms to show how the bottoms rising over the jeans. This is my least favorite of all the pieces . However, it is very appealing to the eyes. I may pair it with a jacket and definitely a broach to keep the deep “V” closed in the front.


Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 4.50.55 PM This pink and grey top and bottom is and image from the Shein website. I purchased this piece, but I didn’t have a picture of myself in it. It’s made a nice stretchy material and looks just like this photo. It’s really cute and comfortable.

I have an eyelash addiction. Therefore, this top is very fitting. I will be wearing this top with faux leather leggings and a black hat with a jacket when the weather is cooler. I’m currently in the month of October and it’s warm. IMG_1566 2



This top called my name when I saw it. I think all women are flawless in their own way. This sweatshirt is cropped and ties in the front. It will look nice as a layered look with a long sleeve white cotton shirt . The white shirt will add interest to your look. If you’re over 40 it just says you’re open for something different.  IMG_1641

I went bonkers over this top! I will be pairing this will black jeans and  leather pants. This top is certainly a conversation piece. It made a a good stretchy material and it looks just like the picture on the website. IMG_1623.jpg

Shein, has a 20% student discount. There shipping is free if you spend over $49.00 or it’s $3.99. For express  orders over $99.00 the shipping is free or $12.90. My order arrived in 4 business days. I received everything I ordered and the sizes were correct as well. I hope this will prompt you to give Shein a try. I really enjoyed ordering from Shein I liked the fact many of the items were on a model to give me a good depiction of what they may look like on me.  Go try out It’s a great place to shop especially if you are on a budget or love trendy items for a reasonable price and quality .

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How To Look Classy And Sexy

untitled-1591Sex appeal comes from within. It starts with confidence . Next it’s your appearance.

Here are ways to look classy and have sexy.

Lets start with the top of your head and work our way down: Your hair should always look kemp and smell clean. The classy sexy lady has a simple  hairstyle. A straight, wavy, curly or messy  bob. It will look nice  long or short. It’s one of the most beautiful classic versatile hairstyles a woman of style and class could ever wear. No unnatural colors on the classy lady. Her hair is black, brown, brunette or blonde.  There are other styles. The high bun, low bun, the loose hair pulled back on the sides and front, while back hangs down. It’s a corporate look or a wedding look. If you don’t have any hair that’s no problem for the classy sexy woman.

Your makeup:  It isn’t a necessity, but if your going to wear it learn how to apply it properly.  You should look effortlessly put together. Natural tones will give you a soft, no makeup, makeup look as your daily wear.

Jewelry:  Dainty jewelry is very feminine. It looks soft and elegant against your skin, given off a  timeless beauty look. You appear to have taken the time to think about your appearance down to your delicate jewels. One of the most appealing jewelry is a thin necklace. The trio’s look tasteful as long as they are thin.

Clothes:  Should fit your perfectly and appeal to your body type, age and occasion. Watch the camel toe slacks and jeans. You don’t want to look as if your girl parts has entered the room alone. Skirts and dresses should be flattering in color, style and shape. Blouses shouldn’t show off too much boobage. If everyone is looking at your chest instead of your face, you need to change your blouse. The peekaboo tops…well find the trash can.

Nails:  Neat ,clean, short or medium length is for the classy sexy woman. The extreme long claws, curved or pointed isn’t for the grown and sexy. Leave the wild colors to the teens. You know, one nail is red, the other one is yellow, the next nail is green and the last nail has your initials on it.

Shoes:  Before purchasing your heels, you must be able to walk in them.   A pair that are 3.5 inches should be the limit. Especially if you’re in the  corporate world. Anything else just seems too impractical.  Platforms definitely don’t belong in the workplace.

This is only my personal opinion, please don’t get offended . If you like your look, I love it!